How the ‘Cop Wives’ of TikTok Stand by Their Men

The Daily Beast/Getty

Two white women lip sync side-by-side on Tik Tok. Nearly everything in the shot is blue: their t-shirts, their coffee tumblers, their eyes, and the color of the text they have written over a TikTok video.

The a capella opening of the pop song “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max plays, promising, “To all of the queens who are fighting alone, babe you’re not dancin’ on your own.” The women raise their mugs, pantomime a toast, give an all-knowing nod to their sisterhood of followers.

Welcome to #CopWife TikTok, a community on the video sharing app made by and for police spouses. While their husbands are on duty, they fold their laundry. When their men have to pull an all nighter, they sigh, pour a glass of wine, and put the dinner they made in the fridge. They do popular dances alongside their children, using patrol cars as backdrops. They drink out of mugs blazed with a popular catchphrase: “I do fuck the police. #PoliceWife” (the “U” in “fuck” is made up of a gun and a taser, the “C” is a pair of handcuffs turned on their sides.)

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