This algorithm finds connections between various works of art — Future Blink

The MosAIC system can connect works of art by finding “analogous” works from different cultures to connect works that are surprisingly similar. Read more… More about Tech, Mashable Video, Arts Culture And Entertainment, Ai, and Future Blink Tech ENTERTAINMENT DEAL … Read more…

This designer held a digital runway show while the fashion industry is on hold — Mashable Originals

Anifa Mvuemba used 3D models and animation for her Hanifa fashion show while COVID-19 shut down the fashion industry. Read more… More about Tech, Mashable Video, Fashion Show, 3d Animation, and Mashable Originals Tech ENTERTAINMENT DEAL UPDATE:

Comedy duo ‘Feminarchy’ smash their fear of painting — The Bob Ross Challenge

Dominique Salerno and Laura Hankin, the patriarchy-smashing comedy duo, “Feminarchy,” overcome their painting fears and create an otherworldly masterpiece. Read more… More about Funny, Mashable Video, Comedy, Landscapes, and Bob Ross Entertainment BEST ENTERTAINMENT DEALS UPDATE: