Watch Nancy Pelosi struggle to explain to Wolf Blitzer why she won’t allow a stimulus vote

Stimulus bill

  • Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got into a tense exchange with CNNs Wolf Blitzer on Tuesday over her resistance to allowing a Trump administration stimulus bill to come up for a vote in the House.
  • Pelosi wants an all-encompassing, multi-trillion-dollar package and refuses to allow a vote on anything less than that. The Trump administration would prefer to pass smaller, more targeted measures — like a bill funding a new round of stimulus checks.
  • Pelosi struggled to explain her priority at times during the testy exchange with Blitzer.

There’s a great scene in the first season of The West Wing, where President Bartlet and the First Lady are having a row to such a degree that a snippet of it actually went on to enjoy the surest path to immortality that a thing can have on the Internet — it turned into a meme.

“I concede I was wrong about the thing,” Abbey Bartlet tells the president during the exchange, who responds “Good.” After she tries to start up again, “However –” he cuts her off. “No, no ‘however.’ Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it.” I bring that up, because Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on CNN today and got into an epic spat with anchor Wolf Blitzer, during which she tried to explain why she’s refusing to allow the Trump administration’s push for a new stimulus bill to come to a vote. As Blitzer was trying to end the segment — on the unsatisfying note that anchors sometimes fall back on, the old “we’ll have to leave it there” declaration — Pelosi refuses to let things go, and basically gives Blitzer an earful that was tantamount to her own version of the Bartlet line. “No, we’ll have to leave it on the note of you are not right on this one, Wolf …”

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